Air Conditioner Tips to Save Energy

Air Conditioner Tips to Save Energy

AC is one of the most important things to have in summers. It helps us bear the brutal heat of the summer and also consumes a lot of energy. In fact, AC is probably the biggest energy consumer in the house. AC can make your energy bill longer than you would have expected. In case your AC is damaged, then it would start consuming the unnecessary amount of energy. People might think that getting the repairing is the only option to get rid of the AC damage.

It is true that if your AC is damaged, then you can get in touch with the air conditioner repair service provider but there are a couple of few things that you can do from your end and we are about to mention some of them.

1. Setting the thermostat

When it comes to saving energy consumption, every degree counts. If you are setting your thermostat is lower than needed, then you are making the AC system work too much. This will obviously increase the energy consumption of the system. It would be better to set your thermostat higher. Setting somewhere between 22 to 24-degree Celsius would be fine. You should feel comfortable in your place. If you want to feel the chills in summer, then you would have to set your thermostat lower making your energy bill longer.

2. Shades are helpful

The sunlight entering your house raises the temperature and there is no other option left behind other than turning your AC with the lowest thermostat setting. This would obviously increase the energy consumption. In such situations, shades can be your best friend. You can use curtains, blinds or other options that will block the way of sunlight and heat to your house. These days, there are various options in the market that are not just effective but also look amazing.

3. Get the maintenance service

The Air conditioner repair service is not the only service that you can get. Air conditioner maintenance service is also one of the most important services for your AC because it saves your AC from any potential problem. A good maintenance service will make sure that the AC is working properly and there is no fault that is consuming extra energy. Many people ignore the need for AC maintenance service which later brings a lot of troubles.

4. Keep the filters clean

Filters clean the air and often times it collects dust and debris which restricts the airflow. If the airflow is not smooth, then your AC will try to keep your place cooler by working more than it requires. This will result in more energy consumption. What you can do is clean the filters of your AC. You don’t have to do it every single day. Doing it once in two months would be more than enough. The best part is that it is not rocket science to clean the filter. In fact, it is very easy to do.

5. Replace your AC

Now hold on, we know what you are thinking, replacing your AC would cost more than getting it serviced. But if your AC needs frequent repair service, then it is a clear indication of its unrecoverable condition. If your AC is too old or damaged to work in a good condition, then it would be better to spend your money on the replacement service rather than spending every month on the repair service.

6. Use ceiling fans

Some people turn off the ceiling fans when AC is working and if you are the one who does the same, then you are making your AC consume more energy. The ceiling fan helps maintain the circulation of the cool air in the room. This way, your AC wouldn’t have to work harder to blow cool air inside your place resulting in lesser energy consumption. You can also set your thermostat a bit higher because the cool air would be properly flowing in every corner of the room.

7. Save the energy at night

One of the things that you can do to save the energy is turning off your AC at night. We know, for some people it is hard to fall asleep without AC. But let us not forget that we have the option of setting the timer. This way you can fall asleep in the cooling of the AC.

At The end

AC consumes a lot of energy and this is the only drawback of it. One of the main reasons behind energy consumption is the damage to your AC. You can get the air conditioner repair service but there are a couple of things that you can do on your own to control the energy consumption of your AC. In this post, we have mentioned some of the things that you should keep in mind because they will help you save a lot of energy.

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