Amazing Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Roof

Amazing Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Roof

Regular maintenance of the roof is essential to preserve its condition as long as possible. In fact, the tiles will lose their shine over time and foam can cover them, which has an impact on their aesthetic appearance, but also on their waterproofing power and their solidity. To keep this essential element of the house longer, you can take advantage of sunny days to take care of them by calling in a professional or by yourself, if possible.

Why clean your roof?

Cleaning the roof is essential to preserve this essential element which protects the home.

  • Thus, you extend the life of your roof . In fact, the foams and other residues which settle on it tend to weaken the slates and make the tiles porous.
  • In addition to weakening the cover, by taking root, the plants will separate the tiles . Over the years, this affects the waterproofing and your roof will deteriorate, which can have an impact on your entire home.

You must therefore carry out regular roof maintenance.

When to clean your roof?

Generally, this cleaning is to be carried out as maintenance, aiming to check the roof after winter, but also to eliminate dead leaves and other plants that may accumulate. In some cases, more constant maintenance is needed. This will depend on the trees around the house, the type of cover you have, the exposure, its slope, etc. In addition, the older a roof, the more frequent cleaning will need to be. .

The ideal weather conditions:

  • The day you decide to do this cleaning, the weather should be dry. Thus, you avoid the risk of slipping on the roof and falling. In addition, if you want to use products, it will give them time to act before they are washed away by the rain.
  • Likewise, favor a day without wind which can also be the cause of falls.
  • It is important to work during the day for better visibility.
  • Prefer a day when it is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Finally, refrain from going up on the roof if the weather is stormy.

Focus on security

If you have decided to clean your roof on your own, for safety reasons, it is important to be well equipped.

We can thus opt for:

  • a helmet to be protected in the event of a fall;
  • of glasses , of gloves and a mask when using the products;
  • you can also equip yourself with a harness  ;
  • but also safety shoes that will allow you to have better grip on the roof.

In addition, take suitable equipment:

  • It is important to have a ladder that is large enough to allow you to access the roof. It must therefore protrude at least one meter from the roof so that you do not climb on the last rungs of the ladder. The ladder must be held at its base and be perfectly stable.
  • You can also take a wire brush, a hand sprayer and, to put your various waste, a bucket to attach to the ladder.

Finally, remember to warn a neighbor or ensure that someone is present on site to act quickly in case of problems.

It is not always possible to carry out the maintenance of your roof yourself, whether it is because the roof is difficult to access or because you are not comfortable at height, etc. case, it is recommended to call a professional.

The Different Solutions for Cleaning Your Roof

There are several solutions available to you to clean your roof. 

1. The Karcher

If you have a karcher you can use it for cleaning your roof. Otherwise, it is possible to rent one for the day. This high pressure cleaning removes the dirt accumulated on the roof. During the operation, be sure to project the water by maintaining a good distance between the nozzle and the tiles or slates, depending on the coverage of your roof. Indeed, if you use it too close, the power of the water jet may damage them. Before starting, plug the entrance to the gutter so that debris and other residues do not clog it. Your walls may be soiled during this operation, it is best to protect them, if you have the possibility.

This solution allows you to remove the largest, but does not remove all the harmful particles installed on your roof. It is then possible to get rid of the impurities that will have resisted using a wire brush. The other drawback of this solution is that it does not make it possible to avoid the foam which will quickly appear.

2. Defoamer

Products are available on the market to destroy moss present on the roof. They can be applied with a brush or with a sprayer. This type of product removes all impurities. To use it, it is better to enjoy two to three days without rain, during which the heat is not excessive. The rain would have the consequence of leaching the product before it has had time to act and the heat could cause it to evaporate too quickly. In all cases, for proper use, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Water repellent

Water repellents are intended to waterproof your roof. This way you prevent the appearance of moss. You can therefore use this product in addition to an antifoam product. Some water repellents are also anti-foam. In this case, the elimination of residues is done gradually once the product has been applied. Hire an expert interior designer to avoid problems like water leakage & give your roof a great view.

4. Clean the gutters

When cleaning your roof, it is important not to neglect gutters. Their maintenance will even have to be done more regularly if you have vegetation nearby.

  • Start by removing the foliage and any trash that has fallen into the gutter and may clog it.
  • Run water to make sure there are no leaks. If so, repair it.
  • Check that the entire installation is secure.

Check the good drainage of rainwater to the foot of the house.

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