10 Genuine Reasons to Switch from Android to Apple iPhone

10 Genuine Reasons to Switch from Android to Apple iPhone

As we all know, there is a huge competition between iPhone and android mobiles. Technology is getting vast day by day and the mobile features are continuously improving. Are you thinking of changing your mobile? Do you want to know the difference between iPhone and android mobiles? If the answer to the above question is a ‘yes’, then you have reached the right place. This article explains which of the main players in the mobile world is designed according to your requirement. The main truth is the both iPhone, running IOS and smartphones have their pros and cons. Where the iPhone is famous for its brand identity, android is famous for its reliability. So, let’s discuss the main differences between iPhone and Android features and why people switch their mobile phones from android to Apple iPhones.

Apple iPhone vs Android Phone

Lets see where Apple iPhones creates the difference when compared to the android phones

1. Camera quality

If you compare the photo and video quality against many android phones, the results are proven. The iPhone photographs and videos are more detailed, sharper, clearer, and natural as compared to the android camera.

2. The security is more powerful in iPhone mobiles

According to a report, apple devices are strongly secured than android devices. 97% of the android phones are targeted by malware and viruses. Apple offers some fever applications to secure your phone.

3. Easy to use

Apple iPhones are more popular for their ease of use. All the applications are longer from the home screen and settings are easily found under on menu. On the other hand, the features of android phones are more complicating and confusing.

4. You can easily get the best applications first

The best thing about apple iPhone is a lot of developers favour apple. Most of the applications are longed and released earlier than android. For example, super Mario run and Snapchat have longed first in-app store.

5. Family sharing in apple phones

If the whole family is using apple devices and phones than buying an iPhone your children is a better choice. You can easily track your children and know what they are doing with their phones. Apple family sharing features had made family life much easier. You can share music, films, videos, and app purchases without any risks, without downloading any inappropriate ad.

6. Siri feature

Siri is the most attractive voice assistant in all the apple devices. Siri helps you in reading your text messages or responds to your text messages and it also helps in sending emails. It allows you to speak with a reply without touching the phone. 

7. Battery life

The number one reason that people prefer iPhone over Android is the battery life of the phone is simply exclusive.

8. iOS software updates

When there’s new software available, everyone can get it with a simple download on the Apple iPhone.

9. Developers would rather make apps for iPhones

The apps we want are far more likely to be on the iPhone first. Many developers prefer iPhones. Developers want a design for the cool platform.

10. No boat ware

You won’t find a single piece of carrier software preloaded on an iPhone.

Conclusion for Apple iPhone Vs Android

iPhone is better than android and it is proven. The differences above make the iPhone better. I hope now you know the differences between iPhone vs android.

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