Basement Window Repair Process

Basement Window Repair Process

There is an opinion that basement window repair is almost impossible or very difficult. But if the double pane window repair cost is too expensive for you, then you can do this work yourself. It is enough to carefully remove the damaged glass and insert a new one. Compliance with all instructions and the correct sequence of work will help to successfully replace glass in a window; otherwise you can ruin the design of the entire window.

Pella window repair is a little more difficult than it seems at first glance. To work, you will need a knife and a rubber mallet. First of all, you need to determine how many cameras the window has. This can be counted according to the distance frame: if it is divided into two parts, then the package is two-chamber, if the frame is intact, then the package is single-chamber. Next, you need to measure the dimensions in order to order the correct size of the new glass.

Sometimes the glass breaks and needs to be replaced. In this case, as a rule, homeowners turn to local window repair specialists. If your windows are still under warranty, the company that installed them can do the repair.

Sequence of double-glazed window repair

  • Replacing a double-glazed window involves the following sequence of actions:
  • Work must begin with the dismantling of glazing beads. First, remove the long side glazing beads, then the bottom one, and only then the top one. Actions must be performed in this sequence, otherwise the glass may fall on you. You also need to remember the location of each glazing bead.
  • When removing the glazing beads, it is necessary to point the places where the spacers are fixed between the double-glazed window and the window frame, since then they need to be installed in place.
  • The double-glazed window has a significant mass, so it will be difficult to cope without assistants.
  • Insert a new double-glazed window in compliance with the previous location of the spacers. It is placed in a fixed place, and accelerated by straightening plates. The strength and resistance of the sash to sagging depends on the correct execution of this operation.
  • Insert the beadings in the reverse order: first, short ones – upper and lower, and only then – side ones. To do this, you will need a rubber mallet. A characteristic click will indicate the correct installation of the glazing beads. Since the seal is fixed directly to the glazing bead, no other sealing is required in this case.

After the replacement is completed, if necessary, the sash is adjusted for clamping and free opening and closing. All work on dismantling the old and installing a new one takes no more than 20-30 minutes.

When choosing windows for your home, it’s very important to choose the right one. So, it would be great to contact an expert for doing this for you.

Window glass replacement process

If you are going to do basement window repair in Chicago yourself, then the complexity of this work will increase. After removing the window, it must be placed on a flat surface with the broken glass up. Glass can be cut along the side surface with a sharp knife. A spacer frame will remain in the double-glazed window, which is replaced with a new one by gluing it to double-sided tape. Now you should carefully cut another glass in size, trying not to stain it from the inside.

Install it on a silicone sealant, which should be carefully smeared, wetting with water. After the silicone has dried, the entire structure is installed in place and attached with glazing beads, which are nailed with a rubber mallet. Thus, the glass, if necessary, can be completely changed independently. You just need to be patient, and the repaired windows will protect your home from cold and noise for a long time.

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