Best Tile Designs For Bathroom

Best Tile Designs For Bathroom

Tile is an important element which gives an elegant look to any location. Depending on whether you want to install it for your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or any other location, you need to select the right type of tiles. 

When it comes to tiles for a bathroom, you will come across various design options. Among so many options, you might be confused which one would go perfectly with your bathroom. In this post, we mentioned elegant tile designs for bathrooms.

1. Combine different shapes

combine different shapes tiles

One of the best tile design combinations you can have in your bathroom is the combination of different shapes. Having different shapes of tiles on the wall and floor of the bathroom can give an appealing look to your bathroom. In the above image, you can see that the wall of the bathroom has square shaped design tiles, while the floor of the bathroom has leaf-like shaped tiles.

2. High Contrast Tiles

high contrast tiles

High contrast tiles can also be a great addition to your bathroom. High contrast tiles focus on two colors that are highly contrasting. On one hand, black color is dark and intense. On the other hand, white color is very bright. The combination of these two colors will give your bathroom boldness.

3. Subway Tiles

subway tiles for bathroom

When it comes to bathroom tiles, subway tiles are the most popular ones. Well, just because it is the popular tile doesn’t mean you go with the standard type of subway tile. To give your location a unique and appealing look, you have to lay your tiles in a new way. The above image of the bathroom is by Cathie Hong Interiors. It features crosshatch design with pearl-colored subway tiles.

4. Checkerboard design

checkerboard design tiles

How about checkerboard tile designs on your bathroom floors? Black and white checkerboard tile design on the bathroom floor would give a contemporary look.

5. Mix-Up Checkerboard

mix-up checkerboard design tiles

In the above tile design, we have seen the color combination of the black and white. Well, you should not limit it to black and white. If black and white checkerboard pattern does not look good on your bathroom, you can think about other colors. For example, off-white with marigold. In the above image, you can see that the color combination of marigold and off-white gives a beautiful look to the bathroom. Depending on your bathroom decorum, you can decide on checkerboard colors which give the best look.

6. Large Floor Tiles

large floor tiles

Another way you can give an elegant look to your bathroom space is by installing large floor tiles. With larger tiles, there would be fewer grout lines, which will make your bathroom feel larger. No matter whether you have a small, medium, or large space in your bathroom, large floor tiles will look good in bathrooms of all sizes.

7. Moroccan Tiles

moroccan bathroom tiles

Moroccan tiles can be a great choice for kitchen walls, backsplash, and bathrooms as well. Moroccan tiles have a long history. They have their origins in the Islamic religion and Muslim traditions. With this type of tile, you will have two options – glazed and unglazed. Mostly, glazed ones are a good choice as they are water resistant and easy to clean.

8. Pink Tiles

pink bathroom tiles

Pink tiles have been popular for bedrooms, but these days they are being used in almost all the locations of the house. Add up of black grout lines with the pink tiles would give an appealing look to your bathroom space. 

Final Thoughts Tile Designs For Bathroom

Here, we have walked you through the list of best tile designs for bathrooms. If you are planning to renovate or build a bathroom space, you should definitely take the inspiration from the tile designs we have mentioned above.

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