How to choose water supply piping for your home?

How to choose water supply piping for your home?

Plumbing and water piping is one of the most important industries for homes, offices as well as public places. It is an extremely essential industry as the bi-products offered by these industries make our lives comfortable and we cannot have a great quality of life without proper plumbing and piping services. This ensures that there is clean and safe water in our homes. Poor quality of plumbing leads to cross-contamination where the pipes containing wastewater can connect to the pipes carrying clean water. This occurs when the wastewater is backed up in the pipes.

Tips for Choosing Water Supply Piping for Your Homes

  1. One can hire a plumber or do the repairing of plumbing pipes used for water supply.
  2. If you are doing the repairing of piping or doing the plumbing for the new house on your own, then make use of good quality pipes.
  3. Some good quality plumbing pipes are PEX pipes which are cross-linked polyethylene pipes that are new to the plumbing market. PEX pipes is an easy water piping and plumbing process
  4. Select pipes that are rigid in nature and can stand the pressure of the water supply as well as be flexible enough to fit into the walls, ceilings, and basements.
  5. PVC or polyvinyl chloride pipes are another great option for plumbing pipes which are popular for their lightweight and easy-to-install and repair features. It is of a moderate level of difficulty installation and requires a little bit more skill than other piping.
  6. For better health and safety concerns it is advised to use rigid copper pipes which is a special copper tube that is installed with a special copper tube cutter.
  7. ABS pipe which is an acronym for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene pipe which looks like a PVC pipe but has a softer body with black color. It is advised to consult a local plumber before using this pipe.
  8. Flexi pipes are the flexible type connection that is used to make connections to appliances like the toilet flush, sinks, water heaters, bathtubs, etc. These pipelines are not allowed inside the walls and flooring but only the direct appliances connection. It is usually made only for domestic water and gas usage.
  9. Galvanized steel pipes or cast iron pipes are used for a long time and are installed very rarely in newer constructions. Galvanized steel pipes were mainly used for water supply, gas, and other domestic purposes which are now replaced by Flexi pipes.
  10. Cast iron pipes were more commonly used for the sewer and drainage systems. It is very difficult to remove and catches rust completely. Hence it is now replaced by the ABS and rigid plastic pipes.

Important Features of Piping:

You may choose any type of pipes based on the local guidance, your budget, and requirements, there is no rule for using any specific pipes at your home. You just need to make sure that these features are met by your pipes:

  • Highly flexible with rotation possible.
  • Easy connection with copper pipes and ease of cutting.
  • High heat handling capacity and good functioning in a cold climate

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