How to Compensate Crash Diet with Cold Press Juices?

How to Compensate Crash Diet with Cold Press Juices?

Crash diets are a great way to get instant results. Although they offer you your desired results in long run they are not healthy at all, in fact, experts believe that if you keep using a crash diet over and over, you will eventually age much faster and your body will become fragile.

According to a study conducted by the American institute of sciences, women who used diets to reduce weight or look a certain way, eventually had an impact on their fertility, heart rate, and body health specifically impact on kidney and liver function. This means that as your cut down the diet, you are bringing your body into starvation mode and this will make bring you into a phase of stunt metabolism making your body make the most out of very limited nutrients.

With the help of this post, we will look at some of the ways crash diets can damage your body. We will then look at the ways you can eat better even when you are on a crash diet so you can reduce the chances of getting sick or developing a deficiency.

How Crash Diets Can Impact Your Body?

When you start a crash diet your body feels that the daily intake of food has reduced so it enters starvation mode. This eventually makes the metabolism slow and the body starts to utilize the stores of food. This starts with the fat but since fat is only helpful in calories and energy, the body has to sift to other sources for gathering the simple daily raw material that is essential for the body to survive, it gets the calcium from the bones and also churns up the protein. This is the reason you will lose weight and your muscle mass simultaneously. When you prolong the crash diet for a long time, this will eventually impact your body and your health.

What Are The Dangers Of A Crash Diet?

During a crash diet when the body tries to utilize the stores of minerals and nutrients from the body it makes the body weak. Here are some of the main side effects that can happen when you cut down the food and get on the crash diet:

  • A crash diet reduces the metabolism rate.
  • It impacts the immunity.
  • It makes the bones brittle and thin.
  • You will lose the muscle mass.
  • You might faint in extreme conditions.
  • Your heart will be stressed and you might develop palpitations.
  • You will be at high risk of weight gain once you get back to eating normally.
  • Your skin will become unhealthy, dry, and hyper pigmented.
  • This will impact your digestive tract.
  • You will feel lack of energy all the time.
  • Your hair and nails will become brittle and lose shine.

How Cold Press Juices Can Help?

Experts believe that when you get on crash diets your body can use up the aft but it has no way to get the supply of vitamin c, calcium, and other essential nutrients. This especially applies to water-soluble minerals and vitamins as well. To make sure your body gets all the essential nutrients and vitamins even when you are on diet, here are some simple fresh juices recipes to add. These juices are low in calories, easy to digest, and will easily fulfill your nutrient needs as well.

1. Vitamin C Juices

vitamin-c juices
Photo by Pixabay

For this juice, you will add orange, pineapple, mango, and some lemon. You can also make a lemonade base and then add some oranges and pineapples. Some people use sugarcane juice as the base but this might make the juice very sweet.

2. Eye Juice

This juice is a perfect mix of all the winter fruits and it is perfect for improving your eyesight and keeping your skin healthy. You need to mix carrots, beetroot, mint, and lemon along with orange and some apple. This is a complete meal pack and it is very flavorful.

3. Diet Detox Juice

This is the most famous green detox juice and it is perfect for anyone who is on diet. You need a lot of celery, some green apples, spinach, and pineapple along with kale and avocado. This is a power-packed juice that will help you cleanse your body and help with detox.

4. Red Juice

red juices - beetroot
Photo by K15 Photos from Unsplash

This is another very famous juice that will offer you a pinkish glow and will also keep your skin clean and radiant. For this juice, you need to add tomatoes, beetroot, and lemon along with some mind and strawberries. This combination is very diverse so you can also add cranberries if you want.

5. Summer Juice

For this juice, you can mix mango with peach and some pineapple. If you want to consume a small amount of store-bought juice you can also add orange juice however, it is completely optional and you can skip orange juice as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, fresh juices are packed with vitamins, minerals, and all the essential nutrients. They are also very low on calories so they will not disturb your calorie count for the day. Moreover, you will not see any change in your health and it keeps you hydrated which is another reason you will notice that your skin quality will improve and your eyesight will also get better.

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