Setting Up a Small Vegetable Garden at Home during this Pandemic?

Setting Up a Small Vegetable Garden at Home during this Pandemic?

Are you a garden lover? Do you want to set up a small vegetable garden at your home? Some people like to work in gardens every day; may be they are quite practical or are surrounded by green ones. Do you want to make this pandemic situation more useful? If yes, then we are here to help you with vegetable garden setup techniques. Take a look and get more valuable tips for setting up a beautiful garden at your home.

Lets start setting up vegetable garden

Decide a good area for the garden

Before setting up a vegetable garden, the very first thing you have to do is to decide an area for the setup. It is always good to pick the sunniest spot where your plants can get sun rays. A perfect location will make your kitchen garden more beautiful and long-lasting.

What you need to grow in your garden

After picking up the location for your garden, you need to consider the vegetables and plants that you want to grow. For this step, you need to know what type of food you want to eat, what kind of food you want to cook, vegetables that improve the immune system, etc. If you’re going to harvest regularly and want to enhance your immune system, then go with:

Green Salads
And anything you want to eat.

how to set up a small vegetable garden

You might know that herbs are always good for health and play with other plants as well. You can also plant mint and other flowering herbs like Yarrow, Lavender, Chamomile, and Borage.  These will attract more bees and butterflies, which gives benefits to your plants like well-pollination.

Where to get plants for your garden?

Do you want to buy seeds or pick small plants from a local garden? If you are bot familiar with the growing and planting techniques, then start with gifted plants to get your confidence level up. After getting this experience, you can handle and tackle anything more demanding for your garden. Apart from that, you can also try vegetable going hacks like spring onion trick. In this, you need to place white bulb roots of onion in a cup of water, watch till they regenerate into onions again.

Another option is to approach your local nursery for the better vegetable plants. There you’ll get more variety and plants with good roots which will give you better yield.

Select the soil type for your garden

soil-preparation method for vegetable garden

The other and foremost step is choosing the right soil for your garden. Different plants grow in different soil types, so it is essential to know about the different soil types and perfect soil for your vegetables. Vegetables like garlic, cucumber, carrots, onions, tomatoes, cauliflower, and sweet peppers thrive in slightly acidic soil.

Another method you can opt is, add some tea leaves or coffee under the soil. You can also add two or three teaspoons of vinegar into the water. Of course you can buy all the essential things from the local store and nursery, but this is a pandemic situation, and if you do all things by yourself, then your garden will be organic.

Wish You Happy Gardening!

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