How to Wash Carpets Perfectly at Home?

How to Wash Carpets Perfectly at Home?

Carpets are the elements that bring us the most problems when we want to clean our house. This is because most of them cannot be put in the washing machine and require special washing or dry or chemical cleaning.

They must be learning about how to clean carpet at home regularly, as they are a source of dust and dust mites that accumulate and promote allergies.

Indeed, if they are not taken care of, they can become a source of dirt, but the carpets give a unique decorative note to our homes, ensuring the warmth and sound insulation of the spaces. If you don’t have one yet, you might be interested in this article on how to choose the most suitable rug depending on the space available, the perfect fabric and how to use it.

Instead, carpets accumulate dust, dirt from shoes, crumbs, the hair of our pets and a long list of particles and elements that we can find among its fibres and tissues.

How to Wash Carpets in the House?

If we have doubts about how to wash carpets, we must know that it is essential to maintain them, for this our fundamental ally is the vacuum cleaner, because most of the dust and particles that get stuck on the carpet weekly can be removed with a deep vacuum.

Both sides of the carpet, not just the top, need to be vacuumed for greater efficiency.

For specific stains, liquids that have been spilled or a substance that cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner, the most effective is neutral detergent.

From the range of products you can find in your home ammonia, stain removal solution, etc. from Melbourne Clean Masters, we recommend using only water and detergent.

This is because carpets are usually made of delicate fabrics and materials and are not an item that we wash regularly. The product we are using may be too abrasive with the carpet and damage it, or the colours of the carpet may not be solid and may discolour.

In short, we can ruin the carpet. Therefore, if you have a stain that has just appeared on your carpet, use water and the most natural detergent or soap available in your home. If you are unable to remove the stain, consult a professional who will solve the problem.

In a bowl of warm water dissolve the detergent and use a soft bristle brush to rub the stain. To rinse, use a cloth to absorb debris and add water to remove the detergent. Do not forget to act on the stain as soon as possible, because if it dries it will be harder to remove. This is the most effective technique on how to clean carpets in the house.

Another option is to follow the same steps as in the previous point, but fill the basin with warm water and a little vinegar and rub lightly until the stains are removed from the carpet.

Carpets not only get dirty but also get a bad smell over time. Therefore, it is advisable, if the carpet is not very large, to lay it on the wire outside at least once a month after you have vacuumed it so that it ventilates and removes those persistent odours.

Carpet Cleaning: Professional Services

We collect the carpet at the door of your house, take it to our professional cleaning centre and in a short time, we return it completely clean.

It won’t give you a headache, you’ll avoid the awkward transport of the heavy carpet to the dry cleaner’s and you’ll save money.

These are the Steps to Follow to Wash the Carpets

  • Carpet Check. We study the product we just received to assess its condition: tears, stains, as well as to know the tissue from which it is made to apply the most appropriate treatment.
  • Colour Test. We analyze to check if the colour comes out of the carpet.
  • Stain Removal. Concrete stains are treated with specific products depending on the substance contained in the carpet.
  • Cleaning with Water and Neutral Detergent. We clean both sides of the carpet with a manual scrub based on neutral detergent, to remove 100% of the dirt from the fabric.
  • Clarification. To remove all possible detergent residues and other products that have been applied to the carpet, rinse with treated water.
  • Centrifuge. The carpet is rolled through an exclusive system to extract all the water without damaging the fibres and avoid breaking.
  • Drying. With a high-end dryer and in record time, we manage to completely remove moisture from the carpet.
  • Brushes. When the carpet is clean, we finish the treatment with a brush.

How often do you have to Wash Carpets?

We often use carpets only in winter, because they provide warmth for the house and are very decorative. For proper maintenance, we recommend vacuuming weekly as indicated and removing stains that appear manually and with a neutral detergent.

At the end of the cold season, it is ideal to use our home cleaning service to clean them thoroughly. When we receive the carpet back, we must store it correctly, so that it remains in perfect condition during the summer.

The Correct Way of Storing the Carpet

  • Spread the sheet on the floor and place the carpet on top, the sheet should protrude from the ends of the carpet.
  • Roll the carpet and the sheet together and tie the ends of the sheet with some ropes, to completely insulate the carpet. It will result in a candy shape.
  • We insert the rolled carpet in a large bag or in a plastic that will completely insulate it, in this way avoiding the deposition of dust or spilled liquids.
  • The carpet should be stored in a place free of moisture, preferably at the top of the cabinet, and should be placed in a horizontal position to avoid deformation due to weight.

Proper cleaning and preservation of our laundry and items are essential to keep us as long as possible.

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