Instagram New Anti-bullying Features will Hit The Bullies Hard

Instagram New Anti-bullying Features will Hit The Bullies Hard

Instagram is one of the most distinguished and trending social media apps and gaining millions of followers per day. Of course, there are pros and cons to everything in this world, and it is essential to understand the difference between the pros and cons.

You might have heard about online bullying and harassment, which is one of the common concerns nowadays. This type of behavior is bothersome for many people, and no matter how much the content is good, it will be judged by the based on these insulting comments on an online platform.

The Facebook-owned Instagram Association’s research and a study found that there are more than 3 million cases of bullying and harassment in the last six months. As per the Instagram report, it noted that this piece of content is only 35% before an Instagram user reported it.

Instagram anti-bullying features

For all Instagram users, it is excellent news that Instagram released a new extraordinary tool that you can use to delete the harmful or unwanted judgmental remarks at the same time. Instagram anti-bullying features have three options for tackling this difficult situation.

The Instagram new features have one feature which will help you to eliminate up to 25 comments at a time. The second feature will let you control whoever tags you or comments your name. The third feature will give you the option of blocking and restricting multiple accounts at a time.

For Instagram, this feature is in trial mode to understand how useful it is for the users. These features are available in both Andriod and iPhone. According to research in the US, about 59 teens are online harassment. In the UK, about 42% of harassed people belong to the age group of 12 to 20 years old.

This harassment has increased over time, and online platforms do not do enough fair job to prevent these situations. But finally, the online platforms are stepping up their performance in these sensitive situations and have introduced Instagram anti-bullying features. This kind of scenario can mentally disturb a person and pitch some contrary ideas.

how to handle anti bullying on instagram

It is tough to break the chain of online bullying and harassment, but now users and online platforms are persistent in breaking these chains. The teens are usually very much associated with online platforms, and they mostly get harassed by their age group, which makes it a bothering thing.

How to use Instagram Anti-bullying Features

To use the features, you have to tap the unwanted comments and then manage comments for the first feature. For the second, you choose the more options, and the third one gives you the options of choosing who tag you on Instagram. Another problem for the platform is users posting disturbing self-harm images.

The results may be late, but according to Instagram, it should work. The platform is also taking the initiative for handling these cases fast. They have tackled about 1.3 million cases of self- harm, which was almost 896,800 of the published content. About 90% of these cases were found in the first quarter before any user reported it.

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