Reasons to Fall in Love With The Golden City- Jaisalmer

Reasons to Fall in Love With The Golden City- Jaisalmer

Introduction to The Golden City Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is home to the Thar Desert Festival, Camp in Sam Sand Dunes which celebrates local culture and heritage through dance, music, food and crafts. If you’re interested in taking a desert safari or experiencing mirages while traveling through this unique landscape, then we highly recommend visiting Jaisalmer!

Although it was officially founded as a capital in 1156 AD, the place has been inhabited since ancient times. The city was built on a sand dune and became known as “The Golden City” because of its yellow sandstone buildings made with yellow sandstone bricks and decorated with intricate carvings and paintings. This unique construction style has remained unchanged since then, making it one of the most beautiful cities in India to visit today.

Here are the reasons why you’ll fall in love with Golden City- Jaisalmer

1. Thar Desert Festival

If you ever find yourself in Jaisalmer, don’t miss the annual Thar Desert Festival. The festival is held over two days every January and features traditional music performances, dance performances and artisan workshops for both tourists and locals to enjoy. The event gives you a chance to learn about local culture through demonstrations from musicians from across Rajasthan as well as food vendors who sell traditional dishes such as bhatti roti (a flat bread).

The highlight of this festival is when hundreds of camels gather together in one place – it’s like a scene out of Lawrence of Arabia! There’s something exciting about seeing so many animals all at once; they look beautiful against the backdrop of golden sand dunes with endless blue skies above them!

2. The Fort

It is built in the shape of a crescent and is situated on top of a sand dune, from where you can have an amazing view of the city. Many people think that it was built to protect the city from invaders, but this isn’t true. The fort was built by Maharawal Jaisal Singh for his son as a symbol of his love for him. He used to live here until 1876 when he moved into another palace called “Jaigarh Fort” which has been converted into a hotel now known as “Jaisalmer Fort Palace Hotel”.

3. Mirages

The desert is a very hot place, and as we all know, dry air makes it hard to see. So imagine your surprise when you look down at your feet and see a shimmering lake stretching out before you. You’re overcome with emotion as you run toward this oasis of liquid joy—but then it disappears in an instant when you get close enough to touch it! It’s just one more reminder that nothing good ever lasts long in the desert.

4. The Desert Safari

desert safari Jaisalmer
Photo by Oren Yomtov on Unsplash

The sightseeing trip takes you through the desert, where you will have a chance to see the wildlife, which includes camels and antelopes. A guide narrates stories about various historical sites along the way and shares information about their significance as well as examples of local culture.

5. Lake Gadisar

Lake Gadisar is a stunning lake, the only one in Jaisalmer. It’s located in the middle of the desert and is a great place to relax and enjoy some time away from all your worries. There are many options for you if you want to visit this beautiful place, including renting boats or taking a camel ride around the lake. Both are great choices!

Jaisalmer is a very exciting place to visit and have a great time in the desert.

It has a lot of history and culture, so you can get an idea about how people lived in those times. You can also see camels roaming around like they own the place! If you want to see something different yet thrilling at the same time, then go for camel safari rides and Best Desert Camp in Jaisalmer during sunset or sunrise at Sam Sand Dunes (one of the largest sand dunes in Asia). You’ll definitely enjoy every moment of it!

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