6 Stunning Privacy Fence Line Landscaping Ideas

6 Stunning Privacy Fence Line Landscaping Ideas

Fences offer privacy in your backyard as well as barriers to keep pets or children in while making sure unwanted guests – human or otherwise – stay on the other side. In rural areas, privacy in your backyard is often taken for granted. But people in more densely populated areas might see this as a hard-to-achieve luxury. The fence allows to create landscaping opportunities in your yard, and to define the area to the edge of your space. Imagine being inspected by your neighbors from their windows while you receive guests in your pool and backyard.

Or maybe your balcony faces your neighbor’s pile of scrap metal – hardly a relaxing sight. Privacy solutions come in many forms to meet your needs. Start your plan by choosing a fence to fit your landscaping style. White metal or PVC fence panels create demarcation lines that need to be softened, while unfinished wood tends to blend more seamlessly.

Following are 6 stunning Privacy Fence Line Landscaping Ideas

1. Feline Friendly Rooftop

This rooftop environment in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood belongs to a creative couple – a theatrical lighting designer and costume designer/artist – who collaborated with Brooklyn-based architect Lynn Gaffney and her team. A large wooden water tank on the roof serves as the design inspiration for the adjacent lattice enclosure that has deliberately uneven spacing to adjust to privacy, sound, light filtration, and even prevent the couple’s cats from escaping.

Cats love their outdoor freedom above the loft of their owners, where they can safely admire a garden with trees, shrubs, vines, and containerized plants. Lynn Gaffney measured the cat’s head and made the fence wooden according to the measurements.

2. Privacy Panels

Wood Fencing encloses this long, wide backyard near Portland. In this design, additional wood lattice panels are used to add architectural interest and it also helps to create privacy. Everybody always likes to add a private retreat in their landscape to escape from surrounding peoples just like neighbors to have some downtime. Privacy always leads to retreats. Also swing gate make your wood fence more elegant.

3. Elegant Espalier

The owners of this elegant formal garden in West London wanted a stylish outdoor space for entertainment. Stefano Marinaz of Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture framed the perimeter with hedges, while fences mounted above the existing perimeter wall added privacy. 

Fences are an easy and effective way to achieve privacy in a yard but don’t forget to check your local prescriptions for height and placement. For fence materials, Marina prefers hardwood to softwoods.

4. Building around a Tree

Architect Alan Ohashi of ODS Architecture in Emeryville, California, has found clever ways to work with a huge old tree in a house on a busy street. The tree has been pruned to reveal its sculptural branches, and it rests gently on an elegant fence that faces the street. In addition, a new sandblasted glass door and carport walls provide additional privacy while allowing the light to shine. 

5. Courtyard Screen

The owners of a two-story house on narrow ground in the San Francisco area wanted a courtyard that wasn’t dominated by their home. Andreas Flache of AFLA Landscape Design included a fun entertainment space with a hot tub, a gas fire function, and a long bench.

 Moreover, to gain privacy, a custom linear fence with a stain of hickory has been built around the property, offering seclusion while remaining inviting. Horizontal fence panels are interspersed with shrubs, woody ornaments, and perennials to soften the appearance. The entrance to the house is through a fenced open-air courtyard.

6. The screen of Curtains

DIYer and blogger Alicia of Thrifty and Chic has finally found a way to get some privacy in her backyard after several years of dealing with neighbors whose large house on a hill gave them a wonderful view of her backyard. After feeling the lack of privacy Alicia got an idea when she saw hanging curtains on her porch. The idea is a cute little privacy screen that exactly looks like a pergola. This design is very stylish and adorable and gives you privacy as well.

In a nutshell There are many more ideas to make your backyard stylish and more secure if you are worried about your neighbors. You can use an aluminum fence and you can install a gate to escape from others while sitting and enjoying in your backyard. An aluminum fence is more adorable and trendier in today’s world.

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