Sump Pump Working, Maintenance and Repair Guideline

Sump Pump Working, Maintenance and Repair Guideline

A sump is a hole and has a typical lid over it. People install Sump pumps in specially lined pits that are designed for drainage. A sensor is activated when enough water accumulates in the pit in automatic sump pumps and activates the pump on. Afterward, the system drains the water through a drainage pipe and deposits the water outside the house. 

Mainly sump pumps are used to remove the excess water that accumulated in the basement of the homes. Let’s have a further look into the working and maintenance and the repair guideline of the sump pumps.

How does Sump Pumps Work?

The sump pump is a handy device that is submerged at the bottom of a sump pit. Most people install the sump pumps at the point like the basement or crawl space of the house that is most likely to flood. The water in the basement then directs towards the perimeter drain system. Usually, a float is present at the top of the pump that works similarly with the toilet tank’s float.

A switch is activated or hit when the water rises to a certain level, then the sump pump works and draws the water coming from the bottom of the pump. Afterward, the check valves push it up towards a series of pipes until the water reaches the area outside the house. The pump activates when the water reaches a specific level inside the pump. Hence, when it is activated the pump diverts the water in the nearest drain, dry well, or any other location you set up for the purpose. 

So, if your house lacks such a system and you are at risk of flooding, then you must call the experts.  For sump pump repair or installation call the skilled professionals, the Sum Pump Gurus. 

What measures should be taken to keep a Sump Pump Maintained? 

Your basement can quickly suffer water damage if your pump is not working properly. Many people check their pump when it is too late and their basements will cost them thousands of dollars for the damage. As the sump pumps in your house are out of your sight and out of mind you may forget to get the services to repair them. Therefore, the best thing for the maintenance is to call the experts. 

Hence, for sump pump maintenance you must consider contacting Sump Pump Gurus for quality services. However, there are some tips you can follow on your own to maintain it.

1. Test Your Pump

Easily test your sump pump by filling the water in the pit. This will raise the float switch and activate the pump quickly. As a result, the pump will flow out the water and then automatically switch off.

2. Clean and Repair

Cleaning and repairing the pump requires skills because often sand, dirt, and other debris can accumulate in the pump. Thus, the efficiency of the pump reduces. Therefore, you must regularly clean the pump and clear the discharge line. Moreover, this opens the blockage and allows the water to exit from the house easily. 

3. Check Power Cord

Keep in mind to check the power cord and make sure you have plugged it correctly into a power source. Moreover, you must inspect it and ensure it is in good condition. 

4. Backup Battery

You must keep a power backup for the sump pump. It is because if you experience a power outage there will be a backup that it would not fail. 

5. Hot Water Flushing

You must flush the sump pump’s drains with hot water regularly. This will ensure the bacteria colony does not grow and multiply. Moreover, it will reduce the debris that may stop the water flow.

6. Avoid Chemicals

Do not try to be over efficient and avoid using hazardous cleaning chemicals. Instead, consult the sump pump experts to get your pump working.


Sump pumps play a crucial part in houses to remove excess water from basements, garden etc. but sometimes people outlook them. Hence, you must inspect the pump once in a while. Moreover, they do not require high maintenance but when you forget to get services this may cause a hole in your pocket. Thus, try to maintain the sump pumps regularly by yourself and get the services once in a month or two.

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