Top 10 Haunted Places in Mumbai

Top 10 Haunted Places in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai is called the city of dreams of the film world, but do you know that even in this crowded city there is such a place that can be haunted.

Let’s know about some of the haunted places in Mumbai, Haunted Places in Mumbai,

1 Grand Paradi Tower

The Grand Paradi Tower is located in the heart of the city near Kemp Corner. This most famous haunted place of Mumbai is called Haunted Places in Mumbai. Cases of suicides and deaths have come to the fore on the 8th floor of this tower. In 2004, a couple committed suicide by jumping from the window here. Since the construction of this building in 1976, till now more than 20 cases of suicides and incidents have been reported here, after this the family who had bought this building stopped these incidents by performing Havan Puja, but even today people are afraid to go. is |

2 Aarey Milk Colony

This colony, built in 1949, is in a large part of East Goregaon, which is famous for its long garden, nursery and lakes. This colony was made for the dairy workers, where people often come to visit the garden during the day and on weekends, but the people of that believe that strange sounds are heard here during the night and sometimes some people get disturbed at night. I also feel the spirits. Haunted Places in Mumbai That’s why people don’t roam there at night.

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3 Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located in the northern area of ​​Mumbai, here people come to see the wildlife, it is believed that the missing soul is seen here at night asking for a lift, the forest guard also believes this and here People get scared only by the sounds of animals.

4 Mukesh Mills

This mill was closed in the 80s but this place in Colaba was used for shooting scenes of Hindi films. This sandy and barren place was specially shot for horror films, but after sunset the directors and actors refused to work here. Because during the shooting here, a TV actress suddenly started speaking in a male voice during the shoot. Since then this place is considered to be haunted Haunted Places in Mumbai.

5 Tower of Silence

Tower of Silence is a Parsi cemetery located near Malabar Hill in South Mumbai. He’s local says that Parsi people leave the body of the deceased to eat the vultures, only by imagining it, people’s soul gets terrified.

6 Madh Islands Road

It is said about this route that a bride was killed on the wedding night on this route and the corpse was thrown into the bushes nearby. After this incident, the soul of that bride looks for her slayer in every people who pass through that path. Due to this many accidents have also happened on this road.

7 Taj Mahal Hotel

By the way, it would be very wrong to call the Taj Mahal Hotel haunted because innocent people had lost their lives in the terrorist attack at this place. But the reason for the ghosting of this place is not this incident but another incident in which the architect who built this place had committed suicide here because the map made by him had gone wrong. After this incident, his soul has seen incidents of being in some rooms of this hotel. The soul working in this hotel is said to be harmful, who just keeps on walking.

8 Bombay High Court

It is said about the Bombay High Court that a ghost has been roaming here for the last 30 years and he helps the judge in solving the case. You may find this a joke, but many such stories are prevalent on the internet. How much truth is there in this, only the lawyers and judges working in this court can tell.

9 Nasserwanj Wadi, Mahim

This place near Mahim station is believed to be haunted as its owner was burnt to death at this place and people passing through this road at night have seen his spirit. It is believed that many people lost their lives by being tied to the ghost of this place. Although it has never been recorded, this place is believed to be haunted.

10 Vrindavan Society, Thane

It is said about this place that a funny ghost lives here who disappears after slapping people. It is believed that someone committed suicide in the building of this society, after which his soul lives in this building. The watchmen also confirmed such incidents at this place. This place has also been mentioned in Indiatimes.

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