Why Must You Visit Goa During Your Indian Trip?

Why Must You Visit Goa During Your Indian Trip?

When it comes to vacation planning, Goa is one of the most popular destinations in India, if not the entire world, to visit and stay. There are numerous reasons for someone to visit Goa, including its beautiful beaches, enticing forts, breathtaking scenery, appealing festivals, and delectable cuisine. We frequently question where to go in Goa, why tourism is booming in Goa, and what activities are available in Goa. Many times, we question what to eat and where to go to enjoy the festivals, as well as the best time to visit Goa. Goa is a lovely region that can be visited at any time of year.

Various sites to visit on your own

1. Water Sports

There are many beaches around the world, but only a few of them provide water activities like Goa. These activities provide a new dimension to beach visits. These beach activities are pleasurable because of the pleasant and sporting weather that lasts virtually the entire year. There are several activities available, such as kitesurfing, wave surfing, fishing expeditions, and even filming on multiple beaches. Kayaking and backwater boat riding are two tranquil, calming, and enjoyable sports that can be done by a large number of people and are frequently taken on honeymoons and family vacations.

2. Portuguese Design

The architecture of Goa is significantly different from other areas in India because of the Portuguese influence in this area as opposed to the French and British influence in the rest of the subcontinent. There are places that retain the essence of Portuguese culture, such as St. Cathedral, which serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Goa, the Church of St. Francis, and many more. The residences in the capital region are built in the Portuguese style and can be visited to experience a slight cultural difference.

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3. Parties in Goa

The never-ending party environment that may be enjoyed is one of the most enjoyable aspects of a trip to Goa. The nightlife in Goa has its own place in people’s lives, and the laws for partying in Goa are fairly relaxed, allowing one to party till dawn. In fact, there are a variety of these events, such as beach parties, cruise ship parties, and even silent parties, to ensure that tourists that visit here have the best experience possible, whether it is during the day or at night.

4. Festivals and Carnivals

Goa celebrates a variety of festivals, ranging from religious to cultural. The Goa International Jazz Live, World Mouth Harp, Hilltop Festival, Music on the Mount, and many more notable festivals should not be missed, and people from all over the world come to celebrate them in Goa. These festivals are Asia’s largest, and a vast number of people attend them. Aside from these celebrations, there is the Goa Carnival in February, when the entire state of Goa takes to the streets.

5. Wildlife

There are so many exotic species of birds, flowers, and other animals that it may be an experience just seeking for and discovering them. The bird sanctuary in Charro, where 400+ species of birds may be found, as well as uncommon animals such as pangolins, chitals, elephants, or guars, can be found in these wildlife reserves. There are various additional tree species and wild creatures that can be found in Goa’s forests. There are numerous wildlife safaris and trekking options available that can be exciting and provide a getaway from the stresses of daily life.

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