Why the Boxing Gloves with Adidas Tilt Technology are Better

Why the Boxing Gloves with Adidas Tilt Technology are Better

In recent times, the biggest game changer in the boxing world is the boxing gloves with Adidas Tilt Technology. Adidas introduced these boxing gloves in the market for buyers on 1st November 2021 and it brought an evolutionary change in the functionality of gloves in boxing as well as in the business of the company. This product hit the market because Adidas is one of those companies which know the science behind every sport. Even before we can discuss various types of gloves with this new technology, we should know the importance of different types of boxing gloves and some details about them so that we can understand the value of this new technology.

Points to consider while choosing the best boxing gloves:

  • Material– What is the material used and its durability
  • Padding- How thick is the protective cushioning, and where the padding is situated?
  • Purpose- What is the purpose of designing the gloves?
  • Weight– The correct weight of the gloves for specific use
types of boxing glovestypes of boxing gloves

The main types of boxing gloves:

1. Training gloves

These are all-around gloves. The material used in these gloves is leather, which gives them high durability. They have denser foam padding. These gloves protect the hands, knuckles, and wrists during workout sessions. They have stiff wrist support with Velcro or hook-and-loop closure.

2. Bag gloves

These boxing gloves have simple designs. They have thin padding. They are designed and constructed for training sessions for punching on heavy bags and it gives the best support for this purpose.

3. Sparring gloves

These gloves are bigger in size with softer padding. These gloves weigh around 16 ounces or more.

4. Competition gloves

These have stiffer padding than the training gloves with lace-up closure.

Gloves with Adidas Tilt Technology:

Boxing gloves with Adidas Tilt Technology are designed for optimal comfort and the best protection. These gloves are made with cactus leather, which is moisture resistant. So, you feel comfortable and can wear it for a longer time. The leather used for making these boxing gloves is resistant to grease ad dirt. These features make the gloves easy to maintain and durable.

features and advantages of adidas tilt technology boxing gloves

The features and advantages of Adidas Tilt Technology Boxing Gloves are:

  • These gloves are designed using the anatomy of a human punch. So, the power of punch increases but the wrist and hand injuries are minimized in these gloves.
  • The design of these boxing gloves is such that the force of a punch gets distributed through the Carpels and Meta-Carpels of the hand. These gloves have wide Velcro for closing and thus give firm support to the wrists. As a result, they give enhanced protection against Flexion injuries and Wrist Extension.
  • As these gloves are made using high-quality leather, they are long-lasting. These gloves are perfect for heavy punching bags, kickboxing, sparring, mitt training, and fitness classes.
  • The use of high-density Closed Cell Foam in the Adidas Tilt Technology gloves makes them perfect for higher shock absorption. These gloves keep the fist and knuckles safe due to the soft padding.
  • The one-piece mold feature of these gloves makes them suitable for all types of boxers-beginners, amateurs, and professionals.
  • Due to the already (moisture wicking) technology used in these gloves, they give proper ventilation thus keeping the gloves drier and hands cool.
  • These gloves have been time-tested by world champions, renowned coaches, professional boxers, and regular fitness freaks.

Conclusion When you are in your boxing ring for a training session or a competition, you would like to be backed by the best products you use. Boxing gloves with Adidas Tilt Technology are designed in such a way that your wrist and knuckles get proper support and strength as they are correctly aligned. With these gloves, your punching power also increases. So, choosing Adidas Tilt Technologyboxing gloves would be the best idea for the best result and the best protection.

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