Why You Should Use a Watermark on Photos and Videos

Why You Should Use a Watermark on Photos and Videos

There are a lot of different reasons for using a watermark on your photos and videos. From copyright laws to keeping your business protected, to making sure that your work gets the credit it deserves, so be sure you know what it is and how to use it. This article will discuss why you need to use a watermark and how to use it.

1. Protects Your Image

One of the first reasons for using a watermark on your photos is because it will protect you from people who want to use your photos that you may have posted on social media.  If they don’t have a watermark on them it is easy for people to copy and paste that picture wherever they please. Keeping your images watermarked helps to protect you from having others steal your work and take advantage of your artistry.

If they have been offered free photos of a particular subject, such as an old street sign or a picture of your family, but are being told that they can’t use the photos because they have a watermark on them, it will be more difficult to take. They also won’t be able to take credit for the photo.

2. Gives You Control

Another reason for using a watermark is it allows you to have some control over the image that you are trying to display. A photo without a watermark can have anything done to it without the worries of a watermark getting in the way, such as crop it to fit any square inch of your photo, change the background color to anything that you want, or even change the background itself. But if it has a watermark on it it becomes more difficult to tamper with and makes it harder for people to steal your work. Having a way to make sure that you get credit for your work and keep people from using copyright law to steal your own work from you is especially important if you are looking to become a professional photographer.

Your photos will stay safe, and you will get the credit you deserve if someone does want to use your photo. It also makes it easier for people to recognize your work.

3. Professionalism

Having a way to trademark your photos also adds a level of professionalism to your work. You are no longer just an amateur taking pictures, you are a professional with recognizable work. You deserve to have people know who you are and take you seriously as a photographer.

If you are still trying to build your portfolio it will also help people to see your work but without the risks of people stealing it or taking advantage of your photography. There are so many reasons you should make sure that your work isn’t being stolen or used by people without your permission. Especially, in this digital age where it is so easy for someone to crop a photo and recreate it as their own, it is your responsibility as the artist to make sure that your work isn’t stolen or used inappropriately.

4. Helps with Business

Using a watermark in your photos can be very beneficial for people who want to take photographs that will help them with their business. You can add an effective element of professionalism to any of your photos by using a watermark, which is why many people find them very helpful.

If you are looking to photograph specifically for businesses and their websites, then you also want to make sure that you are aware of exactly what copyright laws there are and how to keep yourself from having your work appropriated by others.

How to add Watermark on Photos and Videos?

Use a Software to Edit Your Photos and Videos

If you want to get the most out of your photos and videos, you’ll want to use high-quality editing software that can add these watermarks to your content. Of course, if you are a beginner, or just starting your photography business there are cheap and even free options to help you get started.

It’s important to know which of the different types of software will suit your needs. You should try to do some research online to see what other people think about the software. Also, read reviews about the software if you can. You might even decide that you like a particular program so much that you want to purchase it, but don’t know where to start.

You can look into free software that can help you add a watermark to your videos and photos. There are a lot of free tools that you can use online that can help you with adding a watermark to your edited photos and videos.


In conclusion, whether you are creating content for your business, or are taking photos for clients it is a great idea to make sure you watermark that content so that your content is protected.

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