Twitter: Work from home will be a permanent change for some employees

Twitter: Work from home will be a permanent change for some employees

The pandemic attack of Covid 19 is still in continuation, though the early five months of the year 2020 has been passed away. All the countries are still under the treat and safety mode from this virus. The most exciting thing is that this is the time to revolve and evolve from this situation.

Several data have represented that IT companies, who were able to successfully continue their projects during this time, is because of the pattern of work from home by their employees. Data also has shown that there is a great amount of effective and efficient results with this pattern across the globe.

Majorly now, the economy will regrow with the help of IT and its application in various sectors. Seeing the present scenario of lockdown and social distancing, people have to be aware and feel safe at the workplace. Many IT organizations are in the process and evolvement of the work culture and patterns.

Recently, a significant stir has arrived in the work culture with twitter news. The authorities of the organization have announced the consideration of the present scenario and the need for working people that the employee can still go ahead with the settled pattern of work from home.

An email from CEO Jack Dorsey has asked the employees to show their choice if they wish to continue this work pattern. They seek majorly to be on permanent change for the willing employees to have this work pattern.

This change will bring the employee in a differently located yet to work in a self-disciplined practice. Recently this evolvement has worked wonderfully and provided proven results. Somewhere in the news, the information floating that twitter officially, the offices would not be opening by September. 

Having survived in this, all events and meetings have been canceled, keeping in mind the social distancing of a safe working environment. This seems to be challenging but not impossible. In this way, the employees would be able to prove their efficiency in a dedicated approach and can have a chance of proven credibility as well on an individual level.

Like the spread of the coronavirus, this work from home accessibility provided by twitter to its employees, also spreading among other IT organizations. Likely to hear in the recent, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. also inspiring its employees to relish this work pattern at least by the end of the year 2020.   

Twitter news about this work model for its employee will bring a permanent change and credibility in the revolution. This could also help reduce the money spent on infrastructure and utilizing that amount in the development of employee future, thus proving stable economic support. The company will assess this model so that it could be implemented for some of the employees who are seeking this approach as permanent. Though this can relieve the employees, it still would be challenging. Employees can explore the opportunity among this model and still be part of company.

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