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Instatru is a growing media group serving the latest news that has impact on your life. We cover news from US, UK, AUS and other international. Our team works hard to cover all the latest stories but there is always a room for more. So we’d love if you can write for us.

What we avoid to publish?

  • Self promotional content pieces
  • Duplicate content
  • Post with no sense, it should be by step
  • Post with too many links
  • Low quality websites link
  • Por_n, casi_no, gamb_ling content and link

Before writing a post for us

Please go through the guidelines to get instant approval

  • Write an original content as we check content for plagiarism.
  • Play with the words not with the facts.
  • Minimum length for news categories is 400 words.
  • Minimum length for other categories is 500 words.
  • Content should be easy to read. Use subheadings and lists where appropriate instead of large text blocks.
  • You can add one external link at the most. But you can add reference links like Wikipedia or any other trusted source.
  • Make sure you should include all sources.
  • It’s great if you can provide some free to use illustrative images.

Write post for us in

  • Celebrity
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Health – general, diseases, problems, dentistry, etc.
  • Family, parenting and relationships
  • Home improvement
  • Living – food, pets, etc.
  • Technology
  • Tour and travel
  • Business and finance

Submitting a Post

You can line up your submission via email in order to be considered. Reach the editor using contact form with the subject ‘write for us‘ ‘guest posting‘ or ‘article posting‘.